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WHO WE ARE A group of therapists led by Ruth Helen Nobelis (Natural Health Consultant)

Our passion is Natural and Holistic healing. We want to treat you as a whole person and an individual. Our aim is to empower our clients to manage their health and improve their vitality on all levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Our speciality is Colon Cleansing. Because without a clean and healthy colon: We cannot digest food Or our life. We become toxic which leads not only to disease of the body but to toxic thoughts and emotions, as well. A Healthy colon = A Healthy, Happy, Smiling Client And then we are happy too!


Colon Hydrotherapy Are you constipated? Always Tired? Bloated? Over Weight/struggling to lose weight? Do you suffer from Spastic Colon? Candida? Yeast Infections? PMS?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle way of clearing out the colon of putrefying feacal matter, thus ridding the body of excess toxic load and also rehabilitating the colon to function properly on its own. Clients report feeling less bloated, more energised, glowing and radiating good health. Let us help you achieve the health you were meant to live

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Herbal Enemas

What is an enema:

An enema is a liquid solution that is introduced(by low pressure) into the rectum, in order to induce a bowel movement or to wash/cleanse the colon. An enema can also be used to treat various disease/disorders of the colon.

Why do we need enemas?

Food is passed through healthy intestines in the natural muscular movement of peristalsis and waste arising from normal body function is naturally eliminated through the colon.


Lack of proper hydration and a diet low in the correct type of fibre can cause slow transit time of toxic wastes in the system, leading to constipation and disease. By entering the blood stream, these self-polluting poisonous gasses can irritate the organs and joints causing pain and discomfort. Regular bowel movements of 2-3 times a day are necessary to avoid waste matter putrefying in the colon. Anything less than this or if you are straining to perform a bowel movemeny, is classed as constipation. Diets which are high in over-processed foods, low in fibre and have a high sugar content can cause peristalsis to become weak. Food may become stuck against the colon wall where impacted matter then putrefies, causing toxic overload. If the walls of the colon are impacted with toxic waste, pathogenic bacteria proliferate and illness arises. Nutrients will not be properly absorbed and circulated, thereby causing the body to feel hungry more frequently. Enemas can assist in the removal of toxins and excess waste which has built up in the colon. Enemas are often used as part of the preparation for colon hydrotherapy. Enemas are very safe to administer to young children; the frail and the elderly.

Why Herbal Enemas:

A herbal enema has several advantages over herb teas. While the product is often the same, when orally consumed, some active substances are attacked, weakened or destroyed by the body. The mucous membrane along the intestine will absorb the active substances from a liquid injected as an enema much faster and efficiently than drinking it. Thus an enema provides the best and fastest avenue to achieve the desired results! Some herbs can relax the bowels - relieving cramps and symptoms of spastic colon. Herbs can do much for the colon. Colon cleansing herbs not only cleanse and scrub old fecal matter and toxins, but also disinfect, expel and kill parasites. Herbal enemas have been reported to kill candida albicans overgrowth, stop bleeding, regulate and balance intestinal flora, removing toxic metals such as mercury and lead and helping to strengthen the muscles of the colon promoting normal bowel movements. All herbs used in our enemas, adhere to the Chinese Herbal medicine concept that seeks to correct internal imbalances rather than treat symptoms alone. This therapeutic intervention encourages the self-healing process. A herbal enema is most often a gentle and relaxing experience, as well as being soothing and healing.

Weight Loss

Get into gear with In Tune Health, Individualized Weight Loss Packages, Lifestyle Coaching, Lymphatic Drainage and more.

When one is struggling to lose weight, the first step is to find out WHY? Our natural health consultant makes it her business to do just that, for you. Besides changes to diet and lifestyle, balancing hormones, boosting metabolism and thyroid function and optimizing sugar metabolism, might be what you need to tip the scales in your favour. Hot Stone massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, also available by fully trained and accredited therapists.

Lymphatic Drainage

Helps not only in the elimination of cellulite and fluid retention but is also extremely beneficial for mastectomy patients and anyone who needs help with: swollen glands, immune function, heavy legs, detoxification, chronic sinusitis etc.

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Colon Hydrotherapy Packages

Initial consultation R500
X1 colon hydrotherapy R700
X3 colon hydrotherapy R1950
X5 colon hydrotherapy R3000
X10 colon hydrotherapy R5000

Lymphatic Drainage

x1 Lymphatic drainage R800
x3 Lymphatic drainage R2100

Healing Massage/Reiki

(90 Min) R1000

Please note all packages are valid for 3 months from day of purchase. There are no refunds. Strict cancellation policy applies: Cancellations must be made 48hours before appointment. Appointments not cancelled in time will be charged in full. Late arrivals for colon hydrotherapy appointments will be given the time remaining; if one is no more than 15min late for a 60min appointment; if later than 15min, cancellation policy applies. Late arrivals for other treatments will be given the time remaining-within reason.


Trading Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00   Saturday 8:00 - 1:00

Ruth / 079 6633 894

314 Cliff Avenue, Waterkloof Glen, 0181

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